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Using the services provided by streambattles.com grants streambattles.com LLC the rights to all content uploaded by the user in promotional materials and other


General Rules:

Must be a streamer to enter tournaments.

Must have a camera to prove that you are the registered user

Must follow all posted rules and directions from the moderators and administrators from streambattles.com

No offensive speech, written or spoken, will be tolerated or allowed.

All content uploaded must be owned by you the user.

Must strictly follow Mixer.com’s Code of Conduct.

Must be 18 or older in order to participate.

Any violations will result in banning, removal from site, and or forfeiture of all prizes.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Streambattles.com LLC will not be held liable for any fines, fees or any other penalties accrued due to usage of streambattles.com

In order to claim any prizes, the website will notify any prize winners how to properly claim said prize(s).

If a user does not claim, or follow the given instructions on how to claim the prize(s), the user will forfeit all prizes after 30 days. And streambattles.com LLC will not be held liable for any lost or unclaimed prizes.

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