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PubG Duos Competition

06/11/2020 5:40 pm Central

Entry Cost:

50 BT

Hosted By
  • All Times US/Central
  • Begins
    06/11/2020 5:40 pm
  • Ends
    06/11/2020 6:20 pm
  • Registration Closes
    06/11/2020 5:40 pm
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The last team standing will win 100 Battle Tokens and a Stream Battles Hat or T-Shirt for each player!

Begins On: 06/11/2020 5:40 pm
Ends: 06/11/2020 6:20 pm




Player Tiers

A player tier is the minimum number of players/teams that have to sign up for an event for the tournament to qualify for that prize tier.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4

Prize Tiers

PlaceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
1Hat or T-Shirt & 100 BT to Each Player

EVENT: PUBG Duos Competitions
1st Place: StreamBattles Merch Item (T-Shirt or Hat) and 100 BT
Entry: 25 BT per player

All players must read and understand the rules before competing. In the event of any disputes, please contact the StreamBattles (SB) staff in Discord.
Any spam or disrespectful messages towards SB staff or members may result in a ban. Contacting or spamming staff outside of official tournament channels (Discord) will result in ejection from the tournament.
Just_SuPeRM4N will be hosting the tournament on https://mixer.com/Just_SuPeRM4N. Custom lobbies will be hosted with gamertag Just SuPeRM4N on Xbox.
Events will include global players and due to the nature of game lobbies and matches, players must acknowledge and tolerate potential ping / connection disparities before entering an event.
SB reserves the right to promote highlights/gameplay on social media from player streams that feature tournament content.

Competition start times: 5PM, 5:40PM, 6:20PM, 7PM CST, June 11, 2020.
Lobbies will open a few minutes before each competition. Players are required to show up on time, or the match will start without them.

Teams with inappropriate/vulgar names will be blocked; intentionally evading may result in ban.

All 4 Matches played on Erangel.
There is no scoring for these competitions. Last man standing wins.
Matches will be played on Esports Mode.
Streaming is NOT required
Delay is not required. If not using a delay of 2 minutes or more, competitors must back out immediately. The host will be using a 2 minute delay.

Our primary player base is in the NA region. We are aware that playing a team from a different region (i.e. NA and EU) may result in latency between competitors. By signing up, you agree to play against any player/region and accept any latency issues that may arise during your match.
If a player disconnects, they may do their best to try to reconnect. Everyone knows the risks of disconnection in PUBG. BT refunds may be considered if the player reports that they disconnect and cannot rejoin and if it can be verified by an SB official.
If a player disconnects during a match, the match continues with the remaining players on the team.
Any entire match restart may be considered only based on 10% or more of the competitors disconnecting at the beginning of the match.
Abusing these rules by deliberately leaving matches or manipulating connections will lead to ejection from the tournament and potentially future SB tournaments.
By signing up to play, players acknowledge that they understand and accept the risks of PUBG (disconnection, in-game bugs/glitches, lag, latency, etc.)
Cheating or deliberately breaking rules is strictly prohibited. If caught cheating, players will be ejected from the tournament and permanently banned from future SB events and Discord.
Game exploits that negatively affect the competitive environment of a tournament match may be recorded and submitted as a dispute. E.g. Out of bounds exploits, invulnerability… etc.
Cheating includes but is not limited to stream sniping, radar, aimbot, teaming, etc.
If you believe an opponent is cheating, you must provide proof (100% solid evidence) with your claim to SB staff in Discord. The accused cheater is innocent until proven guilty. If you submit a deliberate false report, you will receive equivalent consequence/punishment.

OrderBuyerPlayer 1 NamePlayer 2 Name
1@SirPotato TVSirPotato TVAshstl86
2@Dylan HartmanDark WolvenMEATY5AU5AGE
4@Nick DupreelShadow0fDeathlRealFolkBlues5
5@Jose FloresJalapeno Tvchomedy
7@Justin NortemanAD Jd0hAD SLUM
8@BaconMsRaginBaconRed RazerX13
9@WhamboWeetadWhamboMINTY H2K
10@aaron taylorClotty LegsCKTM DR0zi3
11@Gojira_SonTVGojira SonTVCountSHANKula

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